Moving Storage

Moving Home or Office Storage | Chch NZ

When you are moving home or office in and around Canterbury, TRU Movers has your storage needs covered.

A range of storage options are available: short, medium & long-term.

Tru Movers works with a number of preferred storage partners to provide you with both exactly what you require AND an exceptional deal on storage.

This is one part of our full end-to-end moving service — encompassing ALL the service components you require for your move in a plug-n-play model. Just select the services you require and make your move truly easy.



When we give you a quote we’ll check your storage requirements with you and then give you a recommended solution and total quote -- pricing is relative to all the services you require from us for your home or office move.

Prior to quoting we’ll ask you:

  • Whether you need short/ medium or long-term storage.
  • Whether you need access to the items in storage during the storage period. (If you do not it is generally far cheaper. Storage can be expensive: we'll help you work out what you actually need - to get you the most economical option).
  • The volume of items you need to store. This is generally calculated in cubic metres.
  • The type of items you need to store. Do you have any fragile items? Very large or odd-shaped items? Items that may be vulnerable to the elements?
  • If you have any items that require special packing to protect them during storage.

The storage option/s we’ll recommend will depend on your precise needs:

Duration: Short, Medium or Long-term.

Pricing: From cheaper to higher-end solutions.

Typical discount: We can generally offer you a price about 10% lower than the storage company's rack-rate if you go to the storage provider direct. (*When you move house or office with us). This saves you BOTH the time and hassle of organising another service provider yourself and saves you money.